Our Story


...And then she had an Epiphany


The Epiphany:Beyond Body is the brainchild of a creative who sought natural remedies to treat a skin condition called folliculitis.


The condition plagued her thighs, causing pustules which left dark spots and scarring behind. The severity of the condition slowly placed a damper on her confidence and self esteem.


Plans to treat her skin came to fruition after failed medical management and the drive to clear skin naturally.


The journey began after discovering the anti-bacterial properties of the neem plant and with the new found knowledge and knack for creativity, created a body butter containing neem oil.


However, plans were rerouted due to drawbacks with the formulation and with advise from a Business Development Officer and her mother she began creating neem based mosquito repellent candles while still enrolled at The University of the West Indies in 2014. 


She didn't stop there but continued working on a neem based skin product from which she yielded great results for her skin.

She then continued to build on existing products and creating new lines of products in keeping with the mantra of wholesome beauty.

After graduating as a Physiotherapist, she sought additional training in the world of skin care and completed training as an Aesthetician at The Face Place School of Aesthetics, Jamaica.

Wanting to also provide aesthetic services to the medical population she treated ( such as diabetics or persons with spinal cord injuries in need of costmetic nail and skin care); she saw where special considerations were needed to provide such services and entered the realm of Integumentary Physiotherapy.


Fast forward to present day, the Epiphany is a melting pot of creativity and cultural influence with  products ranging from artisan candles, to Afrocentric head wraps and natural skin care products and services.

All products are hand made in small batches at her home studio in Kingston, Jamaica.